AgriJordan is a pioneer company established in Jordan to promote sustainable agricultural practices. The company employs the most updated technologies and strategies in water management, packing, export and marketing, with the aim of creating a paradigm shift in agriculture in Jordan.Upon proving the concept through pilot farms, AgriJordan is now successfully running three farms in the Jordan Valley and Northern Highlands.

Our Mission

Our mission is to set the standard for the agricultural industry in Jordan and the region, and pioneer the application of best practices that optimize water consumption, enhance the quality of expotable produce and provide local employment opportunities, allowing AgriJordan to serve as the primary partner of choice to any agri-business looking to adopt sustainable agricultural best practices.


As a nation of limited water resources, Jordan must adopt water resource management strategies in agriculture while raising the quality of produce and creating employment opportunities for local communities. AgriJordan's techniques have proven quite successful as each kilogram of produce uses between 80 to 90 percent less water compared to traditional agricultural practices and simultaneously produce a record 90 to 95 percent export quality.

Within this context, AgriJordan recognizes the opportunity to redefine the way agriculture is carried out in Jordan and the region and its impact on water management policies. AgriJordan has proven the concept through its pilot farms, roll-out farms and production model.

Our Team

AgriJordan has a diverse and experienced team that works towards forming strategic partnerships and alliances to adopt and revolutionize best practices in sustainable agriculture that, in effect, will achieve higher yields and higher quality  agriculture in Jordan.

AgriJordan consists of the following business divisions: the Fifa, Kebed and Mafraq farms which represent the production division of the business (Production), the packing house (Packing), marketing, research and development (R&D), the provision of consulting services (Consulting) and the roll-out to neighboring farms (Roll-out).