AgriJordan is cooperating with other farms in order to roll-out the model through either partnerships, management agreements or acquisitions.

The roll-out farms will shift their product range from traditional products to high value-added products that are in demand in regional and international markets, utilizing Jordan's comparative advantage of producing off-season crops as well as its proximity and access to markets in Europe, Asia and Africa.

  • Participating farms in the roll-out program will receive start up, training and certification support in addition to access to new markets.

  • Participating farms will obtain access to exclusive export and local market entry points at which they can off-load their produce, reducing marketing risk and minimizing wastage.

  • Participating farms will have access to the specialist skills of agricultural and marketing experts and agronomists through AgriJordan.

  • AgriJordan’s in-house teams provide training and support in areas such as cost management, water-use optimization, resource and manpower planning, and new product development, enabling participating farms to achieve higher efficiencies, reduce costs and boost revenues.